Somavedic Vedic


Meet the new successor of our previous bestseller Medic Green Ultra. Redesigned inside out for the ultimate harmonization of your home and working space. 

Mitigation: 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, Free radicals, Geopathic zones

Environment: City appartment, Clinic, Family house, Home Office, Hospital, School, Yoga studio

Vedic has a completely updated core with a new composition of minerals that we have worked on for a long time. Plus, the whole inside of the handmade corpus is silver-plated. Making Vedic 50% stronger than our previous bestseller Medic Uran.

Suitable for larger properties, households as well as hospitals, clinics, doctor´s offices, and massage and cosmetic salons. 100% water harmonization/structuring. Emits less light in dark environments, supporting circadian cycles.
New stone composition for stronger space harmonization and less oxidative stress.
Silver-plated corpus for even more powerful emanation.

The new Somavedic Vedic is the go-to model for its all-in-one properties. If you consider buying the first piece from our Somavedic offer, we believe that Vedic will be the right start to living a better life.

760.00 €