Somavedic Medic Gold

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Medic Gold is the Premium-Model of the Somavedic product family. It's technology is based on the scientific insights of quantum physics and gemstone therapy. Every device is 24 carat gold plated and certified.
5,000.00 €
  • Neutralizes GPZs and electrosmog
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Neutralizes viruses and bacteria
  • Harmonizes the living environment
  • Structures personal and ancestral information in the quantum field
  • Activates self-healing processes in the body and mind
  • Structures and prepares water with antioxidative effect

Medic Gold neutralizes the harmful influences of electrosmog as well as the free radicals it creates; in addition, it eliminates the negative effects of geopathogenic and psychosomatic zones on the human body. Medic Gold also influences the structure, the properties, the memory, the redox potential and the energy of water.

The control and release of vibrations from the precious stones that are arranged at the core of Medic Gold in a specific and exact constellation are potentiated through their combination with precious metals and a Tesla coil.

All matter consists of information. Our thoughts, feelings, experiences - that means all conscious and unconscious information as well as that from our ancestors is stored in our DNA, so to speak in a virtual cloud - our quantum field.

The quantum field is thus full of information; it can be accessed when a connection is made via the quantum waves that the field radiates. Access to correct information from the quantum field enables a positive influence to be exerted on our living environment. If we want to change something in our life it is first necessary to change the field. Reality follows the field.

The spectrum of vibrations in Medic Gold is thus programmed and potentiated to sort and structure the information stored in our quantum field. This enables the activation of self-healing processes in the body and mind.

Somavedic Medic Gold is individually produces and programmed.