Standard models

Exclusive models

Somavedic Kobalt

The new model 2019. Kobalt is based on Uran Medic, but more focused to support psyche. Blue color for the sixth chakra (guru chakra or third-eye chakra). Kobalt helps with neuro-problems and protects neurons.

580.00 €

Somavedic Rubin

The new model 2019. Somavedic Rubin is based on Medic Uran, but more focused to meditation and chakras (especially to the heart chakra). Body healthing: Rubin helps with detoxification from lymph and blood. It has good impact to heart, kidney and spleen.

580.00 €

Somavedic Medic Gold

Medic Gold is the Premium-Model of the Somavedic product family. It's technology is based on the scientific insights of quantum physics and gemstone therapy . Every device is 24 carat gold plated and certified.

5,000.00 €